Visuddhimagga XIV-112

Yadā rūpāvacarārūpāvacarakusalānubhāvena rūpārūpabhavesu nibbattanti, tadā nesaṃ maraṇakāle paccupaṭṭhitaṃ kammanimittameva ārammaṇaṃ katvā nava rūpārūpāvacaravipākāni paṭisandhivasena pavattanti.
Ñ(XIV,112): When, through the influence of the profitable of the fine-material sphere (9)-(13) and the immaterial sphere (14)-(17), beings are reborn [respectively] in the fine-material and immaterial kinds of becoming, then the nine kinds of fine-material (57)-(61) and immaterial (62)-(65) resultant occur as rebirth-linking; and they do so making their object only the sign of kamma that has appeared at the time of dying.

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