Visuddhimagga XIV-113

Yadā pana akusalānubhāvena apāye nibbattanti, tadā nesaṃ maraṇakāle paccupaṭṭhitaṃ kammakammanimittagatinimittānaṃ aññataraṃ ārammaṇaṃ katvā ekā akusalavipākāhetukamanoviññāṇadhātu paṭisandhivasena pavattatīti
其次由于不善心之力,(有情)生于恶趣之时,便转起一种不善异熟无因意识界(56),这是他们(在前世的)临终之时所现起的业、业相、趣相,不论以那一种为所缘而发生的。[PTS 458]
Ñ(XIV,113): When, through the influence of the unprofitable (22)-(33), they are reborn in a state of loss, then the one kind of unprofitable resultant mind-consciousness-element without root-cause (56) occurs as rebirth-linking; and it does so making its object whichever among the kamma, sign of kamma, and sign of destiny has appeared at the time of dying. [458]

evaṃ tāvettha ekūnavīsatiyā vipākaviññāṇānaṃ paṭisandhivasena pavatti veditabbā.
Ñ: This firstly is how the occurrence of nineteen kinds of resultant consciousness should be understood as rebirth-linking.

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