Maggakkhaṇe and Phalakkhaṇe

[My Personal notes] @ (pp. 4, para.7)

It is at the moment of the Path that he is said to be disentangling that tangle :
at the moment of fruition he has disentangled the tangle and is worthy of the highest offerings in the world with its deities.

In Pāḷi:
Maggakkhaṇe panesa taṃ jaṭaṃ vijaṭeti nāma. Phalakkhaṇe vijaṭitajaṭo sadevakassa lokassa aggadakkhiṇeyyo hoti.

At the moment of the Path (Maggakkhaṇe), he is called Arahatta Path beings (Aggamaggasamaṅgī / Arahattamaggaṭṭha), craving is eradicating at that moment. It is a very short moment. It has only 3 sub-moments. Death consciousness will never follow just after the Path consciousness, because the subsequent arising consciousness will be Arahatta Fruition consciousness. So, Arahatta Path beings never die. Here, death (maraṇa) is the interruption of the life faculty included within the limits of a single becoming (existence).

Start from the moment of Fruition (Phalakkhaṇe) until the final consciousness (Pacchimacittasamaṅgīnaṃ), he is called an Arahant (Arahattaphalaṭṭha). Craving has already been eradicated. Unwholesome consciousness, wholesome consciousness, 3 lower Fruition consciousness, and Path consciousness will not arise to an Arahant again.

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