MP3 Visuddhimagga Talks - part 01B

{01b-visuddhimagga01.mp3} – (pp.7, para.17)

1. “Virtue as volition” → it concerns the 3 bodily action and 4 verbally action.
2. “Virtue as consciousness-concomitant” → it concerns the 3 mentally action.

{01b-visuddhimagga02.mp3} – (pp.7, para.18)

1. “The currents in the world that flow, Ajita” → “currents” here means akusala.
2. “purification of livelihood” here is for monk. To have a pure livelihood, monk must go out for alms.

{01b-visuddhimagga03.mp3} – (pp.8, para.19)

1. “...meaning non-inconsistency of bodily action, etc.” → it is better to translate as “...meaning non-scattered of bodily action, etc.”

{01b-visuddhimagga04.mp3} – (pp.8, para.20 – 22)

1. “...the visible-data base...” → that is visible object or form.
2. “...conscience and shame...” → that is also mean shame and fear.

{01b-visuddhimagga05.mp3} – (General talks)

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