Understanding is mentioned 3 times

[My personal notes] @ (pp.4, para.7)

For understanding is mentioned three times in the reply to the question.

1. the first is native understanding, [a wise man]

2. the second is understanding consisting in insight, [Understanding]

3. while the third is the understanding that engaged in keeping meditation, i.e. clear comprehension. [sagacious]

The Blessed One said:
When a wise man, established well in Virtue,
Develops Consciousness and Understanding,
Then as a bhikkhu ardent and sagacious,
He succeeds in disentangling this tangle.

In Pāḷi:
Sīlepatiṭṭhāya naro sapañño, cittaṃ paññañca bhāvayaṃ;
Ātāpī nipako bhikkhu, so imaṃ vijaṭaye jaṭanti. (saṃ. ni. 1.23);

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