Visuddhimagga XIII-119

Iti idaṃ santatipaccuppannassa ceva addhāpaccuppannassa ca vasena paccuppannārammaṇaṃ hoti.
如是这他心智是以相续现在及一期现在的现在为所缘。[PTS 433]
Ñ(XIII,119): So this has a present object in what is present by continuity and what is present by extent. [433]

Yasmā vā santatipaccuppannampi addhāpaccuppanneyeva patati,
Ñ: Or since what is present by continuity falls within what is present by extent,

tasmā addhāpaccuppannavasenevetaṃ paccuppannārammaṇanti veditabbaṃ.
Ñ: it can therefore be understood that it has a present object simply in what is present by extent.

Parassa cittārammaṇattāyeva pana bahiddhārammaṇaṃ hotīti
Ñ: It has an external object because it has only another's mind as its object.

evaṃ cetopariyañāṇassa aṭṭhasu ārammaṇesu pavatti veditabbā.
Ñ: This is how knowledge of penetration of minds should be understood to occur with respect to the eight kinds of objects.

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