Visuddhimagga XIII-120

417. Pubbenivāsañāṇaṃ parittamahaggataappamāṇamaggaatītaajjhattabahiddhānavattabbārammaṇavasena aṭṭhasu ārammaṇesu pavattati.
Ñ(XIII,120): (4) Knowledge of past life occurs with respect to eight kinds of object, that is to say, as having a limited, exalted, or measureless object, path as object, a past object, and an internal, external or not-so-classifiable object.

Ñ: How?

Tañhi kāmāvacarakkhandhānussaraṇakāle parittārammaṇaṃ hoti.
Ñ: At the time of recollecting sense-sphere aggregates it has a limited object.

Rūpāvacarārūpāvacarakkhandhānussaraṇakāle mahaggatārammaṇaṃ.
Ñ: At the time of recollecting fine-material-sphere or immaterial-sphere aggregates it has an exalted object.

Atīte attanā parehi vā bhāvitamaggaṃ sacchikataphalañca anussaraṇakāle appamāṇārammaṇaṃ.
Ñ: At the time of recollecting a path developed, or a fruition realized, in the past either by oneself or by others, it has a measureless object.

Bhāvitamaggameva anussaraṇakāle maggārammaṇaṃ.
Ñ: At the time of recollecting a path developed it has a path as object.

Niyamato panetaṃ atītārammaṇameva.
Ñ: But it invariably has a past object.

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