Visuddhimagga XIII-82

Ariyānaṃ upavādakāti buddhapaccekabuddhasāvakānaṃ ariyānaṃ antamaso gihisotāpannānampi anatthakāmā hutvā antimavatthunā vā guṇaparidhaṃsanena vā upavādakā akkosakā garahakāti vuttaṃ hoti.
Ñ: Ñ(XIII,82): Revilers of noble ones: being desirous of harm for noble ones consisting of Buddhas, Paccekabuddhas, and disciples, and also of house-holders who are stream-enterers, they revile them with the worst accusations or with denial of their special qualities (see Ud. 44 and M. Sutta 12); they abuse and upbraid them, is what is meant.

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