Visuddhimagga XIII-83

Tattha natthi imesaṃ samaṇadhammo, assamaṇā eteti vadanto antimavatthunā upavadati.
Ñ(XIII,83): Herein, it should be understood that when they say, 'They have no asceticism, they are not ascetics', they revile them with the worst accusation;

Natthi imesaṃ jhānaṃ vā vimokkho vā maggo vā phalaṃ vātiādīni vadanto guṇaparidhaṃsanavasena upavadatīti veditabbo.
Ñ: and when they say, 'They have no jhāna or liberation or path of fruition, etc.', they revile them with denial of their special qualities.

So ca jānaṃ vā upavadeyya ajānaṃ vā, ubhayathāpi ariyūpavādova hoti.
Ñ: And whether done knowingly or unknowingly it is in either case reviling of noble ones;

Bhāriyaṃ kammaṃ ānantariyasadisaṃ saggāvaraṇañca maggāvaraṇañca, satekicchaṃ pana hoti.
Ñ: it is weighty kamma resembling that of immediate result, and it is an obstacle both to heaven and to the path. But it is remediable.

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