Visuddhimagga XIII-89

Micchādiṭṭhikāti viparītadassanā.
Ñ(XIII,89): Wrong in their views: having distorted vision.

Micchādiṭṭhikammasamādānāti micchādiṭṭhivasena samādinnanānāvidhakammā, ye ca micchādiṭṭhimūlakesu kāyakammādīsu aññepi samādapenti.
Ñ: Acquirers of kamma due to wrong view: those who have kamma of the various kinds acquired through wrong view, and also those who incite others to bodily kamma, etc., rooted in wrong view.

Ettha ca vacīduccaritaggahaṇeneva ariyūpavāde manoduccaritaggahaṇena ca micchādiṭṭhiyā saṅgahitāyapi imesaṃ dvinnaṃ puna vacanaṃ mahāsāvajjabhāvadassanatthanti veditabbaṃ.
Ñ: And here, though reviling of noble ones has already been included by the mention of verbal misconduct, and though wrong view has already been included by the mention of mental misconduct, it may be understood, nevertheless, that the two are mentioned again in order to emphasize their great reprehensibility.

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