Visuddhimagga XIII-88

Sace so parinibbuto hoti, parinibbutamañcaṭṭhānaṃ gantvā yāvasivathikaṃ gantvāpi khamāpetabbaṃ.
Ñ(XIII,88): If the noble one has attained the final nibbāna, he should go to the place where the bed is, on which he attained the final nibbāna, and should go as far as the charnel ground to ask forgiveness.

Evaṃ kate neva saggāvaraṇaṃ, na maggāvaraṇaṃ hoti, pākatikameva hotīti.
Ñ: When this has been done, there is no obstruction either to heaven or to the path. He becomes as he was before.

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