Visuddhimagga I-15

Evaṃ ettāvatā tisso sikkhā, tividhakalyāṇaṃ sāsanaṃ, tevijjatādīnaṃ upanissayo, antadvayavajjanamajjhimapaṭipattisevanāni, apāyādisamatikkamanupāyo, tīhākārehi kilesappahānaṃ, vītikkamādīnaṃ paṭipakkho, saṃkilesattayavisodhanaṃ, sotāpannādibhāvassa ca kāraṇanti ime nava, aññe ca evarūpā guṇattikā pakāsitā hontīti.


Ñ(I,15): So thus far these nine and other like triads of special qualities have been shown, that is, the three trainings, the dispensation that is good in three ways, the necessary condition for the threefold clear-vision, the avoidance of the two extremes and the cultivation of the middle way, the means for surmounting the states of loss, etc., the abandoning of defilements in three aspects, prevention of transgression, etc., purification from the three kinds of defilements, and the reason for the states of Stream-entry, and so on.


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