Visuddhimagga I-8

5. Tatrāyaṃ yāya paññāya sapaññoti vutto, tatrāssa karaṇīyaṃ natthi. Purimakammānubhāveneva hissa sā siddhā.


Ñ(I,8): Herein there is nothing for him to do about the [native] understanding on account of which he is called wise; for that has been established in him simply by the influence of previous kamma.

Ātāpī nipakoti ettha vuttavīriyavasena pana tena sātaccakārinā paññāvasena ca sampajānakārinā hutvā sīle patiṭṭhāya cittapaññāvasena vuttā samathavipassanā bhāvetabbāti imamatra bhagavā sīlasamādhipaññāmukhena visuddhimaggaṃ dasseti.


Ñ: But the words ardent and sagacious mean that by persevering with energy of the kind here described and by acting in full awareness with understanding he should, having become well established in virtue, develop the serenity and insight that are described as Concentration and Understanding. This is how the Blessed One shows the path of purification under the headings of virtue, concentration and understanding there.

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