Visuddhimagga I-4


Imissā dāni gāthāya, kathitāya mahesinā;

Vaṇṇayanto yathābhūtaṃ, atthaṃ sīlādibhedanaṃ.



Ñ(I,4): My task is now to set out the true sense,

Divided into virtue and the rest,

Of this same verse composed by the Great Sage.

Sudullabhaṃ labhitvāna, pabbajjaṃ jinasāsane;

Sīlādisaṅgahaṃ khemaṃ, ujuṃ maggaṃ visuddhiyā.

Yathābhūtaṃ ajānantā, suddhikāmāpi ye idha;

Visuddhiṃ nādhigacchanti, vāyamantāpi yogino.





Ñ: There are here in the Victor's Dispensation

Seekers gone forth from home to homelessness,

And who although desiring purity

Have no right knowledge of the sure straight way

Comprising virtue and the other two,

Right hard to find, that leads to purity—

Who, though they strive, here gain no purity.

Tesaṃ pāmojjakaraṇaṃ, suvisuddhavinicchayaṃ;

Mahāvihāravāsīnaṃ, desanānayanissitaṃ.

Visuddhimaggaṃ bhāsissaṃ, taṃ me sakkacca bhāsato;

Visuddhikāmā sabbepi, nisāmayatha sādhavoti.





Ñ: To them I shall expound the comforting Path

Of Purification, pure in expositions,

Relying on the teaching of the dwellers

In the Great Monastery;

let all those

Good men who do desire purity

Listen intently to my exposition.

Han: At the time this Visuddhimagga was written, there were three sects in Sri Lanka, namely, Mahāvihāravāsī (Dwellers of the Great-Monastery) sect, Abhayagirivāsī sect, and Jetavanavāsī sect. This Visuddhimagga was based on the Theras belonging to the Mahāvihāravāsī sect.

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