Visuddhimagga VII-18

Aparo pana brahmalokasampattiṃ anubhavissāmīti kāmupādānapaccayāeva mettaṃ bhāveti, karuṇaṃ, muditaṃ, upekkhaṃ bhāveti, bhāvanāpāripūriyā brahmaloke nibbattati.

又有一人想:「我要享受梵天的福」,以此欲取为缘,修习慈、悲、喜、舍;修习圆满,便生梵天 [PTS 200]

Ñ(VII,18): Another thinks, 'I shall enjoy the delights of the Brahmā-world', and with sense-desire clinging as condition he develops lovingkindness, compassion, gladness, and equanimity. [200] Owing to the fulfilment of the meditative development he is reborn in the Brahmā-world.

Tatthassa nibbattihetubhūtaṃ kammaṃ kammabhavoti so eva nayo.


Ñ: The kamma that is the cause of his rebirth there is kamma-process becoming, and the rest is as before.

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