Visuddhimagga VII-5

Ārakā hi so sabbakilesehi suvidūravidūre ṭhito maggena savāsanānaṃ kilesānaṃ viddhaṃsitattāti ārakattā arahaṃ.


Ñ(VII,5): (i) He stands utterly remote and far away from all defilements because he has expunged all trace of defilement by means of the path — because of such remoteness (āraka) he is accomplished (arahanta).

So tato ārakā nāma, yassa yenāsamaṅgitā;

Asamaṅgī ca dosehi, nātho tenārahaṃ matoti.




称我主 [「主」(Nātha)即佛。] 为阿罗汉。

Ñ: A man remote (āraka) indeed we call

From something he has not at all;

The Saviour too that has no stain

May well the name 'accomplished' (arahanta) gain.

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