Visuddhimagga VII-6

126. Te cānena kilesārayo maggena hatāti arīnaṃ hatattāpi arahaṃ.


Ñ(VII,6): (ii) And these enemies (ari), these defilements, are destroyed (hata) by the path — because the enemies are thus destroyed he is accomplished (arahanta) also.

Yasmā rāgādisaṅkhātā, sabbepi arayo hatā;

Paññāsatthena nāthena, tasmāpi arahaṃ matoti.





Ñ: The enemies (ari) that were deployed,

Greed and the rest, have been destroyed (hata)

By his, the Helper's, wisdom's sword,

So he is 'accomplished' (arahanta), all accord.

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