Visuddhimagga XIII-90

Mahāsāvajjo hi ariyūpavādo, ānantariyasadisattā.
Ñ(XIII,90): Reviling noble ones is greatly reprehensible because of its resemblance to kamma with immediate result.

Vuttampi cetaṃ ‘‘seyyathāpi, sāriputta, bhikkhu sīlasampanno samādhisampanno paññāsampanno diṭṭheva dhamme aññaṃ ārādheyya, evaṃsampadamidaṃ, sāriputta, vadāmi taṃ vācaṃ appahāya taṃ cittaṃ appahāya taṃ diṭṭhiṃ appaṭinissajjitvā yathābhataṃ nikkhitto, evaṃ niraye’’ti (ma. ni. 1.149).
即所谓:「舍利弗,譬如戒具足定具足及慧具足的比丘,即于现世而证圆满(阿罗汉果)。舍利弗,同样的,我也说:如果不舍那(诽谤圣者之)语,不舍那(诽谤圣者之)心,不舍那(诽谤圣者之)见,则如被(狱卒)取之而投地狱者一样的必投于地狱」。[PTS 427]
Ñ: For this is said: 'Sāriputta, just as a bhikkhu possessing virtuous conduct, concentration and understanding could here and now attain final knowledge, so it is in this case, I say; if he does not abandon such talk and such thoughts and renounce such views, he will find himself in hell as surely as if he had been carried off and put there' (M.i,71). [427]

Micchādiṭṭhito ca mahāsāvajjataraṃ nāma aññaṃ natthi.
Ñ: And there is nothing more reprehensible than wrong view,

Yathāha ‘‘nāhaṃ, bhikkhave, aññaṃ ekadhammampi samanupassāmi, yaṃ evaṃ mahāsāvajjaṃ, yathayidaṃ, bhikkhave, micchādiṭṭhi. Micchādiṭṭhiparamāni, bhikkhave, vajjānī’’ti (a. ni. 1.310).
Ñ: according as it is said: 'Bhikkhus, I do not see any one thing so reprehensible as wrong view' (A.i,33).

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