Visuddhimagga XIII-111

Kathaṃ paccuppannārammaṇaṃ hoti.
Ñ(XIII,111): How does it have a present object?

Paccuppannaṃ nāma tividhaṃ – khaṇapaccuppannaṃ, santatipaccuppannaṃ, addhāpaccuppannañca.
Ñ: 'Present' (paccuppanna) is of three kinds, that is to say, present by moment, present by continuity, and present by extent.

Tattha uppādaṭṭhitibhaṅgappattaṃ khaṇapaccuppannaṃ.
Ñ: Herein, what has reached arising (uppāda), presence (ṭhiti), and dissolution (bhaṅga) is present by moment.

Ekadvesantativārapariyāpannaṃ santatipaccuppannaṃ.
Ñ: What is included in one or two rounds of continuity is present by continuity.

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