Visuddhimagga XIII-115

Tattha keci khaṇapaccuppannaṃ cittaṃ cetopariyañāṇassa ārammaṇaṃ hotīti vadanti.
Ñ(XIII,115): Herein, some say that consciousness 'present by moment' is the object of knowledge of penetration of minds.

Kiṃ kāraṇā?
Ñ: What reason do they give?

Yasmā iddhimato ca parassa ca ekakkhaṇe cittaṃ uppajjatīti.
Ñ: It is that the consciousness of the possessor of supernormal power and that of the other arise in a single moment.

Idañca nesaṃ opammaṃ, yathā ākāse khitte pupphamuṭṭhimhi avassaṃ ekaṃ pupphaṃ ekassa vaṇṭena vaṇṭaṃ paṭivijjhati,
Ñ: Their simile is this: just as when a handful of flowers is thrown into the air, the stalk of one flower is probably struck by the stalk of another,

evaṃ parassa cittaṃ jānissāmīti rāsivasena mahājanassa citte āvajjite avassaṃ ekassa cittaṃ ekena cittena uppādakkhaṇe vā ṭhitikkhaṇe vā bhaṅgakkhaṇe vā paṭivijjhatīti.
Ñ: and so too, when with the thought 'I will know another's mind', the mind of a multitude is adverted to as a mass, then the mind of one is probably penetrated by the mind of the other either at the moment of arising or at the moment of presence or at the moment of dissolution.

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