Visuddhimagga XIV-84

Yadā hi deyyadhammapaṭiggāhakādisampattiṃ aññaṃ vā somanassahetuṃ āgamma haṭṭhapahaṭṭho ‘‘atthi dinna’’ntiādinayappavattaṃ (ma. ni. 1.441) sammādiṭṭhiṃ purakkhatvā asaṃsīdanto anussāhito parehi dānādīni puññāni karoti, tadāssa somanassasahagataṃ ñāṇasampayuttaṃ cittaṃ asaṅkhāraṃ hoti.
Ñ(XIV,84): (1) When a man is happy on encountering an excellent gift to be given, or recipient, etc., or some such cause for joy, and by placing right view foremost that occurs in the way beginning 'There is [merit in] giving' (M.i,288), he unhesitatingly and unurged by others performs such merit as giving, etc., then his consciousness is accompanied by joy, associated with knowledge, and unprompted.

Yadā pana vuttanayena haṭṭhatuṭṭho sammādiṭṭhiṃ purakkhatvā amuttacāgatādivasena saṃsīdamāno vā parehi vā ussāhito karoti, tadāssa tadeva cittaṃ sasaṅkhāraṃ hoti.
Ñ: (2) But when a man is happy and content in the way aforesaid, and, while placing right view foremost, yet he does it hesitantly through lack of free generosity, etc., or urged on by others, then his consciousness is of the same kind as the last but prompted;

Imasmiñhi atthe saṅkhāroti etaṃ attano vā paresaṃ vā vasena pavattassa pubbapayogassādhivacanaṃ.
Ñ: for in this sense 'prompting' is a term for a prior effort exerted by himself or, others.

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