Visuddhimagga XIV-88

Lokuttaraṃ catumaggasampayogato catubbidhanti evaṃ tāva kusalaviññāṇameva ekavīsatividhaṃ hoti.
(四)(出世间善心)出世间善心,因为与((18)须陀洹,(19)斯陀含、(20)阿那含、(21)阿罗汉)四道相应而为四种。如是先说善的识只有二十一种。[PTS 454]
Ñ(XIV,88): I. D. The supramundane is fourfold (18)-(21) by association with the four paths. So firstly, profitable consciousness itself is of twenty-one kinds. [454]

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