Visuddhimagga XIV-86

Rūpāvacaraṃ pana jhānaṅgayogabhedato pañcavidhaṃ hoti.
Ñ(XIV,86): I. B. The consciousness of the fine-material sphere is fivefold, being classed according to association with the jhāna factors.

Seyyathidaṃ, vitakkavicārapītisukhasamādhiyuttaṃ paṭhamaṃ,
Ñ: That is to say, (9) the first is associated with applied thought, sustained thought, happiness, bliss, and concentration,

atikkantavitakkaṃ dutiyaṃ,
Ñ: (10) the second leaves out applied thought from that,

tato atikkantavicāraṃ tatiyaṃ,
Ñ: (11) the third leaves out sustained thought from that,

tato virattapītikaṃ catutthaṃ,
Ñ: (12) the fourth makes happiness fade away from that,

atthaṅgatasukhaṃ upekkhāsamādhiyuttaṃ pañcamanti.
Ñ: (13) the fifth is associated with equanimity and concentration, bliss having subsided.

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