Visuddhimagga XIII-100

Taṃ panetaṃ puthujjanassa paribandho hoti.
Ñ(XIII,100): But this is an obstacle for an ordinary man.

Ñ: Why?

So hi yasmā yattha yattha āloko hotūti adhiṭṭhāti,
Ñ: Because wherever he determines, 'Let there be light',

taṃ taṃ pathavīsamuddapabbate vinivijjhitvāpi ekālokaṃ hoti,
Ñ: it becomes all light, even after penetrating through earth, sea and mountains.

athassa tattha bhayānakāni yakkharakkhasādirūpāni passato bhayaṃ uppajjati.
Ñ: Then fear arises in him when he sees the fearful forms of spirits, ogres, etc., that are there,

Yena cittavikkhepaṃ patvā jhānavibbhantako hoti,
Ñ: owing to which his mind is distracted and he loses his jhāna.

tasmā rūpadassane appamattena bhavitabbaṃ.
Ñ: So he needs to be careful in seeing what is visible (see M.iii,158).

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