Visuddhimagga XIII-101

Tatrāyaṃ dibbacakkhuno uppattikkamo.
Ñ(XIII,101): Here is the order of arising of the divine eye:

Vuttappakārametaṃ rūpamārammaṇaṃ katvā manodvārāvajjane uppajjitvā niruddhe tadeva rūpaṃ ārammaṇaṃ katvā cattāri pañca vā javanāni uppajjantīti sabbaṃ purimanayeneva veditabbaṃ.
Ñ: when mind-door adverting, which has made its object that visible datum of the kind already described, has arisen and ceased, then, making that same visible datum the object, all should be understood in the way already described beginning 'Either four or five impulsions impel …' (§5).

Idhāpi pubbabhāgacittāni savitakkasavicārāni kāmāvacarāni.
Ñ: Here also the [three or four] prior consciousnesses are of the sense sphere and have applied and sustained thought.

Pariyosāne atthasādhakacittaṃ catutthajjhānikaṃ rūpāvacaraṃ.
Ñ: The last of these consciousnesses, which accomplishes the aim, is of the fine-material sphere belonging to the fourth jhāna.

Tena sahajātaṃ ñāṇaṃ sattānaṃ cutūpapāte ñāṇantipi dibbacakkhuñāṇantipi vuccatīti.
Ñ: Knowledge conascent with that is called 'knowledge of the passing away and reappearance of beings' and 'knowledge of the divine eye'.

Cutūpapātañāṇakathā niṭṭhitā.
Ñ: The explanation of knowledge of passing away and reappearance is ended.

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