Visuddhimagga XIII-99

Tattha yadā tassa bhikkhuno maṃsacakkhussa anāpāthagataṃ antokucchigataṃ hadayavatthunissitaṃ heṭṭhāpathavītalanissitaṃ tirokuṭṭapabbatapākāragataṃ paracakkavāḷagatanti idaṃ rūpaṃ ñāṇacakkhussa āpāthaṃ āgacchati, maṃsacakkhunā dissamānaṃ viya hoti, tadā dibbacakkhu uppannaṃ hotīti veditabbaṃ.
在这里,当那比丘的肉眼所不能见的在腹内的,在心脏的,在地面底下的,在壁山墙的那一边的,在其它的轮围界的物质(色),出现于智眼之前的时候,[PTS 429] 犹如肉眼所见的一样,当知此时便是生起天眼了。
Ñ(XIII,99): Herein, when visible objects that are not within the focus of the bhikkhu's fleshly eye come into the focus of his eye of knowledge—that is to say, visible objects that are inside his belly, belonging to the heart basis, belonging to what is below the earth's surface, behind walls, mountains and enclosures, or in another world-sphere—[429] and are as if seen with the fleshly eye, then it should be understood that the divine eye has arisen.

Tadeva cettha rūpadassanasamatthaṃ, na pubbabhāgacittāni.
Ñ: And only that is capable of seeing the visible objects here, not the preliminary-work consciousnesses.

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