Visuddhimagga XIII-96

Rūpagataṃ passato panassa parikammassa vāro atikkamati.
Ñ(XIII,96): However, while he is seeing what is visible, the turn of the preliminary work runs out.

Tato āloko antaradhāyati.
Ñ: Thereupon the light disappears.

Tasmiṃ antarahite rūpagatampi na dissati.
Ñ: When that has disappeared, he no longer sees what is visible (cf. M.iii,158).

Athānena punappunaṃ pādakajjhānameva pavisitvā tato vuṭṭhāya āloko pharitabbo.
Ñ: Then he should again and again attain the basic jhāna, emerge and pervade with light.

Evaṃ anukkamena āloko thāmagato hotīti ettha āloko hotūti yattakaṃ ṭhānaṃ paricchindati, tattha āloko tiṭṭhatiyeva.
Ñ: In this way the light gradually gets consolidated till at length it remains in whatever sized area has been delimited by him in this way, 'Let there be light here'.

Divasampi nisīditvā passato rūpadassanaṃ hoti.
Ñ: Even if he sits watching all day he can still see visible objects.

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