Visuddhimagga XIV-107

Tattha cakkhuviññāṇādipurecararūpādivijānanalakkhaṇā manodhātu, āvajjanarasā, rūpādiabhimukhabhāvapaccupaṭṭhānā, bhavaṅgavicchedapadaṭṭhānā, sā upekkhāyuttāva hoti.
Ñ(XIV,107): Herein, (70) the mind-element has the characteristics of being the forerunner of eye-consciousness, etc., and of cognizing visible data, and so on. Its function it to advert. It is manifested as confrontation of visible data, and so on. Its proximate cause is the interruption of [the continued occurrence of consciousness as] life-continuum. It is associated with equanimity only.

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