Visuddhimagga XIV-95

Tattha alobhādivipākahetuvirahitaṃ ahetukaṃ, taṃ cakkhuviññāṇaṃ, sotaghānajivhākāyaviññāṇaṃ, sampaṭicchanakiccā manodhātu, santīraṇādikiccā dve manoviññāṇadhātuyo cāti aṭṭhavidhaṃ.
(无因善异熟)此中,没有无贪等(相应)的因的异熟为无因,有八种,即(34)眼识,(35)耳识,(36)鼻识,(37)舌识,(38)身识,(39)有领受作用的意界,及(40)~(41)有推度等作用的二意识界。[PTS 455]
Ñ(XIV,95): III. i. A. (a) i. Herein, that without root-cause is that devoid of non-greed, etc., as the cause of result. It is of eight kinds as (34) eye-consciousness, (35)-(38) ear-, nose-, tongue-, and body-consciousness, (39) mind-element with the function of receiving, (40)-(41) the two mind-consciousness-elements with the functions of investigating, and so on [455].

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