Visuddhimagga XIV-19

Catutthattike attano khandhe gahetvā āraddhā vipassanā paññā ajjhattābhinivesā.
Ñ(XIV,19): 10. In the fourth triad, insight-understanding initiated by apprehending one's own aggregates is interpreting the internal.

Parassa khandhe bāhiraṃ vā anindriyabaddharūpaṃ gahetvā āraddhā bahiddhābhinivesā.
Ñ: That initiated by apprehending another's aggregates or external materiality not bound up with the faculties, [that is, inanimate matter], is interpreting the external.

Ubhayaṃ gahetvā āraddhā ajjhattabahiddhābhinivesāti
Ñ: That initiated by apprehending both is interpreting the internal and external.

evaṃ ajjhattābhinivesādivasena tividhā.
Ñ: So it is of three kinds as interpreting the internal, and so on.

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