Visuddhimagga XIV-35

Tattha bhūtarūpaṃ catubbidhaṃ – pathavīdhātu āpodhātu tejodhātu vāyodhātūti.
Ñ(XIV,35): Herein (a) primary materiality is of four kinds as the earth element, water element, fire element, and air element.

Tāsaṃ lakkhaṇarasapaccupaṭṭhānāni catudhātuvavatthāne vuttāni.
Ñ: Their characteristic, function, and manifestation have been given under the definition of the four elements (Ch. XI, §§87, 93);

Padaṭṭhānato pana tā sabbāpi avasesadhātuttayapadaṭṭhānā.
而说它们的足处(直接因),则它们都以(自己以外的)其余三界为足处。[PTS 444]
Ñ: but as to the proximate cause, each has the other three as its proximate cause. [444]

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