Visuddhimagga XIV-28

Evaṃ dvīsu bhūmīsu pabhedaṃ gacchantiyopi cetā adhigamena pariyattiyā savanena paripucchāya pubbayogena cāti imehi pañcahākārehi visadā honti.
Ñ(XIV,28): And though they come into the categories of the two planes thus, they are nevertheless distinguishable in five aspects, that is to say, as achievement, mastery of scriptures, hearing, questioning, and prior effort.

Tattha adhigamo nāma arahattappatti.
Ñ: Herein, achievement is the reaching of Arahantship.

Pariyatti nāma buddhavacanassa pariyāpuṇanaṃ.
Ñ: Mastery of scriptures is mastery of the Buddha's word.

Savanaṃ nāma sakkaccaṃ atthiṃ katvā dhammassavanaṃ.
Ñ: Hearing is learning the Dhamma carefully and attentively.

Paripucchā nāma pāḷiaṭṭhakathādīsu gaṇṭhipadaatthapadavinicchayakathā,
Ñ: Questioning is discussion of knotty passages and explanatory passages in the texts, commentaries, and so on.

pubbayogo nāma pubbabuddhānaṃ sāsane gatapaccāgatikabhāvena yāva anulomaṃ gotrabhusamīpaṃ, tāva vipassanānuyogo.
Ñ: Prior effort is devotion to insight in the dispensation of former Buddhas, up to the vicinity of [the stages of] conformity and change-of-lineage by one who has practised [the duty of] going [with the meditation subject on alms round] and coming back [with it].

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