Visuddhimagga XIV-21

Dutiyacatukke catasso paṭisambhidā nāma atthādīsu pabhedagatāni cattāri ñāṇāni.
Ñ(XIV,21): 12. In the second tetrad, the four kinds of knowledge classed as that concerned with meaning, etc., are called the four discriminations.

Vuttañhetaṃ – ‘‘atthe ñāṇaṃ atthapaṭisambhidā.
Ñ: For this is said: 'Knowledge about meaning is the discrimination of meaning (attha-paṭisambhidā).

Dhamme ñāṇaṃ dhammapaṭisambhidā.
Ñ: Knowledge about law is the discrimination of law (dhamma-paṭisambhidā).

Tatradhammaniruttābhilāpe ñāṇaṃ niruttipaṭisambhidā.
Ñ: Knowledge about enunciation of language dealing with meaning and law is the discrimination of language (nirutti-paṭisambhidā).

Ñāṇesu ñāṇaṃ paṭibhānapaṭisambhidā’’ti (vibha. 718).
Ñ: Knowledge about kinds of knowledge is discrimination of perspicuity (paṭibhāna-paṭisambhidā)' (Vbh. 293).

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