Visuddhimagga XIV-26

Ñāṇesu ñāṇanti sabbattha ñāṇamārammaṇaṃ katvā paccavekkhantassa ñāṇārammaṇaṃ ñāṇaṃ, yathāvuttesu vā tesu ñāṇesu sagocarakiccādivasena vitthārato ñāṇaṃ paṭibhānapaṭisambhidāti attho.
Ñ(XIV,26): Knowledge about kinds of knowledge (§21): when a man is reviewing and makes any of the foregoing kinds of knowledge the object [of his knowledge], then any knowledge in him that has knowledge as its object is discrimination of perspicuity, and so is any knowledge about these aforesaid kinds of knowledge, which is concerned with details of their individual domains, functions, and so on.

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