Visuddhimagga XV-19

Tattha atthatoti cakkhatīti cakkhu. Rūpayatīti rūpaṃ. Cakkhussa viññāṇaṃ cakkhuviññāṇanti evamādinā tāva nayena cakkhādīnaṃ visesatthato veditabbo vinicchayo.
此中:(一)「以义」,即见故为眼,显示自己故为色,眼的识故为眼识。当以此等方法,而知抉择眼等十八界的各别意义[PTS 485]
Ñ(XV,19): 1. Herein, as to meaning: first the exposition of 'eye', etc., should be known individually as to meaning in the way beginning: It relishes (cakkhati), thus it is an eye (cakkhu); it makes visible (rūpayati), thus it is a visible datum; [485] and the consciousness of the eye is eye-consciousness (see §3).

Avisesena pana vidahati, dhīyate, vidhānaṃ, vidhīyate etāya, ettha vā dhīyatīti dhātu.
Ñ: As to meaning in general: (a) it sorts out (vidahati), (b) it assorts [well] (dhīyate), (c) a sorting out (vidhāna), (d) it is sorted out (vidhīyate) by means of that, or (e) it causes to be sorted (dhīyati) here, thus it is a sort (dhātu = element).

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