Visuddhimagga XV-24

Kamatoti idhāpi pubbe vuttesu uppattikkamādīsu desanākkamova yujjati.
Ñ(XV,24): 3. As to order: here too, from among 'order of arising', etc., mentioned above (Ch. XIV, §211), only 'order of teaching' is appropriate.

So ca panāyaṃ hetuphalānupubbavavatthānavasena vutto.
Ñ: It is set forth according to successive definition of cause and fruit.

Cakkhudhātu rūpadhātūti idañhi dvayaṃ hetu,
Ñ: For the pair, eye element and visible-data element, are the cause

cakkhuviññāṇadhātūti phalaṃ.
Ñ: and eye-consciousness element is the fruit.

Evaṃ sabbattha.
余者亦然。[PTS 486]
Ñ: So in each case.

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