Visuddhimagga XV-43

Manoviññāṇadhātu ārammaṇesu vavatthānābhāvato araññamakkaṭo viya, duddamanato assakhaḷuṅko viya, yatthakāmanipātito vehāsakkhittadaṇḍo viya,
Ñ(XV,43): The mind-consciousness element should be regarded as a forest monkey, because it does not stay still on its object; or as a wild horse, because it is difficult to tame; or as a stick flung into the air, because it falls anyhow;

lobhadosādinānappakārakilesavesayogato raṅganaṭo viya daṭṭhabbāti.
Ñ: or as a stage dancer, because it adopts the guise of the various defilements such as greed and hate.

Iti sādhujanapāmojjatthāya kate visuddhimagge
Āyatanadhātuniddeso nāma
Pannarasamo paricchedo.
Ñ: The fifteenth chapter called 'The Description of the Bases and Elements' in the Treatise on the Development of Understanding in the Path of Purification composed for the purpose of gladdening good people.

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