Visuddhimagga XV-31

Sattarasa dhātuyo dhammadhātuekadeso ca saṅkhatadhātu,
Ñ(XV,31): Seventeen elements and one part of the mental-data element are the formed element;

asaṅkhatā pana dhātu dhammadhātuekadesova.
Ñ: but the unformed element is one part of the mental-data element only.

Anekadhātunānādhātuloko pana aṭṭhārasa dhātuppabhedamattamevāti. Iti sabhāvato vijjamānānaṃ sabbadhātūnaṃ tadantogadhattā aṭṭhāraseva vuttāti.
Ñ: The 'world of many elements, of various elements' is merely what is divided up into the eighteen elements. So they are given as eighteen because, as to individual essence, all existing elements are included in that [classification].

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