Visuddhimagga XV-33

Kiñca bhiyyo tathā veneyyajjhāsayavasena ca.
Ñ(XV,33): What is more, the inclinations of those who are teachable in this way [have to be considered];

Ye ca imāya anatisaṅkhepavitthārāya desanāya veneyyasattā, tadajjhāsayavasena ca aṭṭhāraseva pakāsitā.
Ñ: and in order to suit the inclinations of beings who are teachable by a teaching that is neither too brief nor too long, eighteen are expounded.

Saṅkhepavitthāranayena tathā tathā hi,
Dhammaṃ pakāsayati esa yathā yathāssa;
Saddhammatejavihataṃ vilayaṃ khaṇena,
Veneyyasattahadayesu tamo payātīti.
Ñ: For:
By methods terse and long as need may be
He taught the Dhamma, so that from beings' hearts,
If they have wit to learn, the dark departs
Melting in the Good Dhamma's brilliancy.

Evamettha tāvatvato veditabbo vinicchayo.
如是当知以限量而抉择。[PTS 488]
Ñ: This is how the exposition should be understood here as to just so much.

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