Visuddhimagga XVI-14

Tattha –
Ñ(XVI,14): Herein:

Vibhāgato nibbacana, lakkhaṇādippabhedato;
Atthatthuddhārato ceva, anūnādhikato tathā.
Kamato jātiādīnaṃ, nicchayā ñāṇakiccato;
Antogadhānaṃ pabhedā, upamāto catukkato.
Suññatekavidhādīhi, sabhāgavisabhāgato;
Vinicchayo veditabbo, viññunā sāsanakkame.
Ñ: (1) As to class, and (2) derivation,
(3) Division by character, et cetera,
(4) As to meaning, (5) tracing out meaning,
And likewise (6) neither less nor more,
(7) As to order, (8) as to expounding
Birth and so on, (9) knowledge's function,
(10) As to division of the content,
(11) As to a simile, and (12) tetrad,
(13) As to void, (14) singlefold and so on,
(15) Similar and dissimilar—
Thus should be known the exposition
By those who know the teaching's order.

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