Visuddhimagga XVI-3

Tattha cakkhādīnaṃ tāva cakkhatīti cakkhūtiādinā nayena attho pakāsito.
Ñ(XVI,3): 1. Herein, firstly, the meaning of eye, etc., is explained in the way beginning 'It relishes (cakkhati), thus it is an eye (cakkhu)' (Ch. XV, §3).

Pacchimesu pana tīsu paṭhamaṃ pubbabhāge anaññātaṃ amataṃ padaṃ catusaccadhammaṃ vā jānissāmīti evaṃ paṭipannassa uppajjanato indriyaṭṭhasambhavato ca anaññātaññassāmītindriyanti vuttaṃ.
Ñ: But as regards the last three, the first is called the 'I-shall-come-to-know-the-unknown' faculty because it arises in the initial stage [of the stream-entry path moment] in one who has entered on the way thus 'I shall come to know the deathless state, or the Dhamma of the Four (Noble) Truths, not known', and because it carries the meaning of faculty (rulership).

Dutiyaṃ ājānanato indriyaṭṭhasambhavato ca aññindriyaṃ.
Ñ: The second of them is called the final-knowledge faculty because of knowing finally, and because it carries the meaning of faculty.

Tatiyaṃ aññātāvino catūsu saccesu niṭṭhitaññāṇakiccassa khīṇāsavassa uppajjanato indriyaṭṭhasambhavato ca aññātāvindriyaṃ.
Ñ: The third is called the final-knower faculty because it arises in one who has destroyed cankers, who possesses final knowledge, and whose task of getting to know the four truths is finished, and because it carries the meaning of faculty.

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