Visuddhimagga XVI-9

Bhedābhedāti jīvitindriyasseva cettha bhedo.
Ñ(XVI,9): 4. As to divided and undivided: here there is only division of the life faculty;

Tañhi rūpajīvitindriyaṃ arūpajīvitindriyanti duvidhaṃ hoti.
[PTS 493]即是色命根及非色命根二种。
Ñ: for that is twofold as the material-life faculty and the immaterial-life faculty.

Sesānaṃ abhedoti evamettha bhedābhedato vinicchayaṃ vijāniyā.
Ñ: There is no division of the others. This is how the exposition should be known here as to divided and undivided.

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