Visuddhimagga XVI-24

533. Atthatthuddhārato cevāti ettha pana atthato tāva ko saccaṭṭhoti ce?
Ñ(XVI,24): 4. As to meaning, 5. tracing out the meaning: as to 'meaning' firstly, what is the 'meaning of truth' (saccattha)?

Yo paññācakkhunā upaparikkhamānānaṃ māyāva viparīto, marīciva visaṃvādako, titthiyānaṃ attāva anupalabbhasabhāvo ca na hoti, atha kho bādhanappabhavasantiniyyānappakārena tacchāviparītabhūtabhāvena ariyañāṇassa gocaro hotiyeva. Esa aggilakkhaṇaṃ viya, lokapakati viya ca tacchāviparītabhūtabhāvo saccaṭṭhoti veditabbo.
Ñ: It is that which, for those who examine it with the eye of understanding, is not misleading like an illusion, deceptive like a mirage, or undiscoverable like the self of the sectarians, but is rather the domain of noble knowledge as the real unmisleading actual state with its aspects of affliction, production, quiet, and outlet. It is this real unmisleading actualness that should be understood as the 'meaning of truth' just as [heat is] the characteristic of fire, and just as [it is] in the nature of the world [that things are subject to birth, ageing and death],

Yathāha – ‘‘idaṃ dukkhanti, bhikkhave, tathametaṃ avitathametaṃ anaññathameta’’nti (saṃ. ni. 5.1090) vitthāro.
Ñ: according as it is said, 'Bhikkhus, this suffering is real, not unreal, not otherwise' (S.v,430), and so on, in detail.

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