Visuddhimagga XVI-25

Apica –
Ñ(XVI,25): Furthermore:

Nābādhakaṃ yato dukkhaṃ, dukkhā aññaṃ na bādhakaṃ;
Ñ: There is no pain but is affliction,
And naught that is not pain afflicts:

Bādhakattaniyāmena, tato saccamidaṃ mataṃ.
Ñ: This certainty that it afflicts
Is what is reckoned here as truth.

Taṃ vinā nāññato dukkhaṃ, na hoti na ca taṃ tato;
Ñ: No other source of pain than craving,
Nor aught that source provides but pain:

Dukkhahetuniyāmena, iti saccaṃ visattikā.
Ñ: This certainty in causing pain
Is why it is considered truth.

Nāññā nibbānato santi, santaṃ na ca na taṃ yato;
Ñ: There is no peace except nibbana,
Nibbana cannot but be peace:

Santabhāvaniyāmena, tato saccamidaṃ mataṃ.
Ñ: This certainty that it is peace
Is what is reckoned here as truth.

Maggā aññaṃ na niyyānaṃ, aniyyāno na cāpi so;
Ñ: No outlet other than the path,
Nor fails the path to be the outlet:

Tacchaniyyānabhāvattā, iti so saccasammato.
Ñ: Its status as the very outlet
Has made it recognized as truth.

Iti tacchāvipallāsa, bhūtabhāvaṃ catūsvapi;
Dukkhādīsvavisesena, saccaṭṭhaṃ āhu paṇḍitāti.
Ñ: This real infallibility,
Which is their true essential core,
Is what the wise declare to be
Truth's meaning common to all four.

Evaṃ atthato vinicchayo veditabbo.
Ñ: This is how the exposition should be understand as to meaning.

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