Visuddhimagga XVI-22

Apica kho pana ariyāni saccānītipi ariyasaccāni.
Ñ(XVI,22): Besides, the noble truths are the truths that are noble.

Ariyānīti tathāni avitathāni avisaṃvādakānīti attho.
Ñ: To be noble is to be not unreal; the meaning is, not deceptive,

Yathāha – ‘‘imāni kho, bhikkhave, cattāri ariyasaccāni tathāni avitathāni anaññathāni, tasmā ariyasaccānīti vuccantī’’ti (saṃ. ni. 5.1097)
Ñ: according as it is said: 'Bhikkhus, these Four Noble Truths are real, not unreal, not otherwise, that is why they are called noble truths' (S.v,435).

evamettha nibbacanato vinicchayo veditabbo.
Ñ: This is how the exposition should be known here as to derivation.

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