Visuddhimagga XVI-23

532. Kathaṃ lakkhaṇādippabhedato?
Ñ(XVI,23): 3. How as to division by character, et cetera?

Ettha hi bādhanalakkhaṇaṃ dukkhasaccaṃ, santāpanarasaṃ, pavattipaccupaṭṭhānaṃ.
于此四谛之中,苦谛,有苦[PTS 496]难的特相,有热恼的作用(味),以继续进行为现状(现起)。
Ñ: The truth of suffering has the characteristic of afflicting. [496] Its function is to burn. It is manifested as occurrence (as the course of an existence).

Pabhavalakkhaṇaṃ samudayasaccaṃ, anupacchedakaraṇarasaṃ, palibodhapaccupaṭṭhānaṃ.
Ñ: The truth of origin has the characteristic of producing. Its function is to prevent interruption. It is manifested as impediment.

Santilakkhaṇaṃ nirodhasaccaṃ, accutirasaṃ, animittapaccupaṭṭhānaṃ.
Ñ: The truth of cessation has the characteristic of peace. Its function is not to die. It is manifested as the signless.

Niyyānalakkhaṇaṃ maggasaccaṃ, kilesappahānarasaṃ, vuṭṭhānapaccupaṭṭhānaṃ.
Ñ: The truth of the path has the characteristic of an outlet. Its function is to abandon defilements. It is manifested as emergence.

Apica pavattipavattananivattinivattanalakkhaṇāni paṭipāṭiyā.
Ñ: They have, moreover, the respective characteristics of occurrence, making occur, non-occurrence, and making not occur,

Tathā saṅkhatataṇhā asaṅkhatadassanalakkhaṇāni cāti evamettha lakkhaṇādippabhedato vinicchayo veditabbo.
Ñ: and likewise the characteristics of the formed, craving, the unformed, and seeing. This is how the exposition should be understood here as to characteristic, et cetera.

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