Visuddhimagga XVI-26

534. Kathaṃ atthuddhārato?
Ñ(XVI,26): 5. How as to tracing out the meaning?

Idhāyaṃ sacca-saddo anekesu atthesu dissati.
Ñ: This word 'truth' (sacca) is met with in various meanings.

Seyyathidaṃ – ‘‘saccaṃ bhaṇe na kujjheyyā’’tiādīsu (dha. pa. 224) vācāsacce.
Ñ: In such passages as 'Let him speak truth and not be angry' (Dh. 224) it is verbal truth.

‘‘Sacce ṭhitā samaṇabrāhmaṇā cā’’tiādīsu (jā. 2.21.433) viratisacce.
2)「沙门、婆罗门住立于谛」,此等是说离(妄)谛的意思。[PTS 497]
Ñ: In such passages as 'Ascetics and brahmans base themselves on truth' ( ? ) it is the truth of abstinence [from lying].

‘‘Kasmā nu saccāni vadanti nānā pavādiyāse kusalāvadānā’’tiādīsu (su. ni. 891) diṭṭhisacce.
Ñ: In such passages as [497] 'Why do they declare diverse truths, the clever talkers that hold forth?' (Sn. 885) it is truth as views.

‘‘Ekaṃ hi saccaṃ na dutiya’’ntiādīsu (su. ni. 890) paramatthasacce nibbāne ceva magge ca.
Ñ: And in such passages as 'Truth is one, there is no second' (Sn. 884) it is, as truth in the ultimate sense, both nibbana and the path.

‘‘Catunnaṃ ariyasaccānaṃ kati kusalā’’tiādīsu (vibha. 216) ariyasacce.
Ñ: In such passages as 'Of the four truths how many are profitable?' (Vbh. 112; Ps.ii,108) it is noble truth.

Svāyamidhāpi ariyasacce vattatīti evamettha atthuddhāratopi vinicchayo veditabbo.
Ñ: And here too it is proper as noble truth. This is how the exposition should be understood as to tracing out the meaning.

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