Visuddhimagga XVI-6

Apica ādhipaccasaṅkhātena issariyaṭṭhenāpi etāni indriyāni.
Ñ(XVI,6): Furthermore, they are faculties (rulership) in the sense of lordship called predominance.

Cakkhuviññāṇādippavattiyañhi cakkhādīnaṃ siddhaṃ ādhipaccaṃ,
Ñ: For predominance of the eye, etc., is implied in the occurrence of eye-consciousness, etc.,

tasmiṃ tikkhe tikkhattā mande ca mandattāti.
Ñ: because of the (consciousness's) keenness when that [faculty] is keen and slowness when it is slow.

Ayaṃ tāvettha atthato vinicchayo.
Ñ: This, firstly, is the exposition as to meaning.

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