Visuddhimagga XVI-7

Lakkhaṇādīhīti lakkhaṇarasapaccupaṭṭhānapadaṭṭhānehipi cakkhādīnaṃ vinicchayaṃ vijāniyāti attho.
Ñ(XVI,7): 2. As to character and so on: the meaning is that the exposition of the eye and so on should be known according to characteristic, function, manifestation, proximate cause, and so on.

Tāni ca nesaṃ lakkhaṇādīni khandhaniddese vuttāneva.
Ñ: But these characteristics, etc., of theirs are given above in the Description of the Aggregates (Ch. XIV, §37ff.).

Paññindriyādīni hi cattāri atthato amohoyeva.
Ñ: For the four beginning with the understanding faculty are simply non-delusion as to meaning.

Sesāni tattha sarūpeneva āgatāni.
Ñ: The rest are each given there as such.

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