Visuddhimagga XIV-125



456. Idāni yaṃ vuttaṃ ‘‘yaṃkiñci vedayitalakkhaṇaṃ, sabbaṃ taṃ ekato katvā vedanākkhandho veditabbo’’ti, etthāpi vedayitalakkhaṇaṃ nāma vedanāva.
Ñ(XIV,125): Now it was said above, 'Whatever has the characteristic of being felt should be understood, all taken together, as the feeling aggregate' (§81). And here too, what is said to have the characteristic of being felt is feeling itself,

Yathāha – ‘‘vedayati vedayatīti kho āvuso, tasmā vedanāti vuccatī’’ti (ma. ni. 1.450).
Ñ: according as it is said, 'It is felt, friend, that is why it is called feeling' (M.i,293).

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